Increment By One

Meet your new outsourced development team

We take your software development challenges and deliver incremental change that drives commercial success.

Technical Competencies?We'll do you one better

We're a full stack engineering team with rich experience in all leading technologies. We work in a wide variety of coding languages and have both front and backend experience, so we know the ins and outs of how technology, data and design must work together to drive user engagement. We work differently, offering our clients

  • An empathy-led approachThat understands your initial needs and then increments to deliver a superior finished web application or software product.
  • Full proficiency in a wide range of technical languagesIncluding Node.js, Laravel, PHP, React – whatever you need to have built or refined, we can work with it.
  • Reliable PartnershipsWith a team that only starts work once we have built the right level of understanding to know exactly how we’ll build your product

Our Services

Web Application Development

Building a successful web application means combining a well-designed front-end user interface with a robust, secure database.

We’ll take all of your requirements into account and build a web application that works for your business, and most importantly, your end-users.

Server-Side Development

The 'unseen' side of development can be misunderstood or underestimated, leading to neglect and often breakdown. We can help you rescue existing systems or build new robust backend servers to power your business or product.

Development Consultancy

Lots of businesses know they need better technology or systems, but have no idea how to get there. Don't worry - it's our job to help guide your development project within the context of your wider business. We'll ask questions such as: how can it improve the experience of your staff and customers? How can it help you to grow? Let's work together to find out.

Helping companies big and smallGet To the Next Level

Successful Media

When a publishing business grew tired of their technical nightmares, we worked with them to transform their system. We took disparate technologies and created an integrated, efficient system that could be managed with ease. If you've got complex technical problems limiting your growth, read this to see how we can help.


When a technology start-up needed a working prototype to prove their ideas and secure investment, they struggled to find the right development team. We agreed to come on board and build their first product. This enabled the client to win further investment and expand their team. If you're a start-up looking to get your MVP out into the world as effectively as possible, read this case study to see how we can get the job done.


Many of our clients work with us on a recurring basis, relying on our team for their extended development support. In this case study, see how we support a leading digital agency with their technical requirements in a way that is cost-efficient for the client, effective for their customers and scalable for any project requirement.