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Putting empathy back into software development

Like any website, we've got pages that tell you all about whatwedo. But if you're on this page, specifically, then you're probably looking for a bit more about who we actually are. What makes us tick? Are we capable of taking on your project? Are we faceless robots who can accomplish complex dev tasks in the blink of an eye?

Okay, maybe not. What we are is a small team of experienced software engineers who specialise in web applications and complex technical backend requirements. Founded by Jon Park, we've got the tech know-how you need… but a refreshingly human-centric approach.

Why the name?

Increment By One is all about improvement. It's a mindset that sets us apart: the idea that we always leave projects better than they were. Even if it's the best application in the world, there'll still be ways to improve upon it.

Our ProcessDevelopment with empathy

We put humanity back into the machine-led world of development. With our experience in both front and backend systems, we know the ins and outs of how things should work. That gives us the ability to gauge your requirements on a technical and practical level, which we can then translate into plain-speaking projects that are built for user need, not just to meet stakeholder demand.

  1. Getting to know us:

    We'll chat to you to either take your existing brief or discuss a new project. If we think we're a good fit, we'll need to go deeper.

  2. Deep understanding:

    We don't rush into a project head-on to meet any milestones or try and bill you ASAP. Instead, we'll talk through your project and company, your existing tech team and users – all so we can be confident before we write a single line of code.

  3. Delivery with a difference:

    We're an outsourced team, so we're familiar with working any way you need us to. Whether that's dropping us into your existing development structure or setting up something new, we'll make an effort to deliver your project with minimal friction and maximum ease.

  4. Improvement as standard:

    Before we hand a project back over, or even if we're going to continue looking after it, we'll always look to improve on what came before and deliver real value for future developers or your team to work with.

If you like what you hear, why not get in touch? We’re always happy to hear about technical challenges or ideas for web applications. And if you still want to put faces to names, take a look below.

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We've partnered with Ecologi

Increment By One are committed to sustainable development. A portion of every project we complete will be donated to ecological charities.

🌱 Over 1,500 trees planted so far!

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