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Software Development Consultancy

Build software just as individual and unique as your business.

If off-the-shelf doesn't cut it, where do you turn? Searching for software development teams to help you build something unique means identifying someone that has the technical competency you need, but also the vision to help you map out the project as a whole.

Just as your own business has its unique personalities, processes, quirks and systems, all software has its own advantages, disadvantages, charms and challenges. As a software development team with a rich background in both back and frontend development, we can help you build a project that's entirely unique to your requirements and your business' specific goals.

That means taking the time to understand the ins and outs of your needs. We won't write a single line of code until we've got a clear picture of what you want, who your end-users are and what they need. We'll also assess the technical side of the project to assign the right system for your company – you may or may not need a complex JavaScript web application, so why pay more than you need to?

If you'd like to work with us on a consultancy level, we'll integrate with your existing team or act as your remote development resource, helping guide you through the entire software process to deliver commercial results.

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Why bespoke development?

While our web application and server side development services are listed individually due to customer demand, we believe that ultimately, the best projects are those where a developer can combine the technical and user-facing parts of a program to build something that works for your end-users. To do that, you need bespoke development consultancy, which gives you:
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  • Customised to user needs:

    we don't build based solely on your initial expectations. We'll gather a full understanding of your business and its users, then suggest technical products that solve user challenges rather than simply 'ticking a box'.
  • Suits your specific business:

    like we said earlier, why pay more for less? If you don't need X amount of custom features, we'll tell you. You'll get a product designed for your business and employees, not something overly complex meant to show off our skills.
  • Fully scalable:

    Many of our clients come to us with nitty-gritty technical issues that they need support with. We'll perform a consultancy role for a while, but it's not long before we are asked to take on larger projects due to the knowledge and capabilities we demonstrate. Just look at our case studies to learn more.

SaaS from the ground up

Software as a service is a flourishing industry and offers a promising sales model for existing businesses or start-ups. To build your own software, maintain the system and ensure the platform is kept updated to customer expectations, you need a software team that understands the front and backend of development and the nature of cloud-based web applications. Increment By One are specialists in SaaS – click below to learn more.

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