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Server Side Development

Build reliable systems that your team can depend upon.

The 'backend' side of development is a complex thing - with the technical architecture and terminology involved often leading to confusion, poor workflows and a reliance on outdated processes. How many of us have worked somewhere that still uses old, out of date systems because they can't update the backend?

At Increment By One, we help demystify the server side development process. We'll work with you to build a complete understanding of your requirements and expectations, then build the system you need in a way that respects the idea of growth and forward progress. That means we won't tie you into working exclusively with our team, instead providing development work that leaves things better than they were before - so other future developers can work more effectively if you want to update or enhance parts of your product.

With a deep understanding of all technical coding languages, frameworks and technologies, our team can build robust, secure server systems and applications to power your business. With our front-end expertise, we'll also make sure any work is done with user experience in mind. Why sacrifice function or form? Choose both with Increment By One.

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Our server side development expertise

When you're approaching a team to work on a technical part of your business, you need confidence that they have the skills, experience and understanding required to manage the work in a cost-effective manner. We achieve this through a number of factors:
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  • Technical competency:

    we've worked in virtually every coding language there is - specialising in the mainstays of our sector. Whatever requirements you have, you're likely to find solutions directly within Increment By One's team.
  • Empathy-driven:

    we're not here to sell you anything. You need support, so we provide it – which means digging into the details of your requirements and trying to add value with our approach. If we don't see that we can provide value to your project, we'll tell you.
  • Iterative mentality:

    while we're working on your project, we don't settle for the standard delivery model. Instead, we'll try to add value and improve the overall project through our own expertise and insight. Once finished, we don't rest on our laurels - we'll always be willing to actively update and iterate as required.

Want the total package?

Web applications provide both a front and backend element, ideal for new projects that need a digital product launched to a wide audience with as minimal dev time as possible. By removing the need for multiple product 'versions' across devices, you can launch a working model that can start generating revenue as soon as possible. Choose Increment By One and we'll bring our technical, server side expertise as well as our front-end skills to your web app project.

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